Angels who just show up

April 16, 2013

Four weeks ago, I was helping move a heavy wood table in a conference room. I lifted the table top to nudge it toward me, not knowing the heavy wood support underneath was not connected to the table top. The support came crashing down on my foot, metal connector piece first. I kept yelling help me, but no one could see what happened, all they saw was that I was holding the table top. Finally, someone lifted the piece off my foot…and when I took off my shoe, the skin was punctured, a golf ball sized lump was happening, and blood was pouring out. An angel down the hall, who I didn’t even know except in passing, came running toward the commotion. He held my foot, to stop the bleeding, then stood there it seemed forever, his hands freezing while he tenderly held ice on my foot, then wrapped it for me when it was time for me to go to the ER. I’m so thankful for this person, unafraid to touch really awful things. Those with the most tender hearts.